How to use the database:

1. Request Access

Click here to request a username and password. You will need an email address from a university or other research organization to be approved for an account.

2. Search Metadata

Once you have an account, login and search the metadata. Select the variables of interest. There are lots to choose from. Click “Submit Search” to see how many results meet your criteria. You can add or remove variables and update the results by re-clicking "Submit Search" after each new selection. You can also clear all selections by clicking "Clear All". The search function can only return 500 records at a time, but you can serially limit your search. When you’re ready, click "View Results."

3. Select Records

Once you have an initial search, you can examine metadata for each record to decide if you would like to download the data or request scans. Metadata is accompanied by scout images, which are like large x-rays, to provide a basic view of each decedent. Select records to place in your cart by clicking on the green plus sign. Remove them by clicking on the red minus sign.

4. View Selections

Go to your cart to see the list of records you’ve selected. Click “Download Metadata” to receive a CSV file with the data for the individuals you have selected. Click “Request Images” to submit a research request. Your research request must be approved before you can download CT scans.

5. Request Images

Your research request should describe your inclusion and exclusion criteria, the research you plan to conduct, any specific hypotheses you have, results you expect, and benefits that might accrue. Click “Submit” and your request will be sent to our research committee.

6. Download Images

If your request is approved, you will receive an email informing you of the approval. To access your downloads, login to and navigate to your cart. You should now see a "Download Images" button. Click on this to go to the download portal. On the portal you will see a list of your selected image sets, click on the download link to the right to download. Each image set needs to be downloaded individually.

Important: You must go through your cart, as described above, to access the download portal. The link from the cart to the downloads is a one-use only link and cannot be saved or bookmarked. It must be renewed through the cart.


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