Data Information

A data dictionary is a collection of the descriptions and categorizations of the data contained within a database. This document contains each field in the database as well as the “drop down” options available for each field and their definitions if needed.

For more information, and definitions of every variable, please see our data dictionary.

Data Dictionary (PDF)

For information about our CT scanning and metadata collection protocols, please see these protocol documents.

This video describes how to upload the CSV files containing the data to a relational database, and how to query the data.

Medications are listed using their unique identifier (CUI) in RxNorm. To access the database, please visit:

This video describes how to use the medication codes to search the database.

Definitions of basic characteristics

The following are the “drop down” variables that are available for these basic demographic fields:


  • Male
  • Female
  • Intersex
  • Unknown


  • Identifies as male
  • Identifies as female
  • Identifies as non-binary
  • Other
  • Unknown


  • Native American
  • Asian Indian
  • Black or African-American
  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Guamanian or Chamorro
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Other
  • Other Asian
  • Other Pacific Islander
  • Samoan
  • Vietnamese
  • White
  • Hispanic
  • Unknown

Note: Hispanic is used as both a race and ethnicity in this database since a large number of New Mexicans used Hispanic as a "Other" race option on the 2010 census.


  • Hispanic or Latino
  • Middle eastern
  • Not Hispanic, Latino or middle eastern
  • Unknown

Hispanic Subgroups (these are not available for searching)

  • Hispanic
  • Latino
  • Spanish
  • Nuevomexicano/New Mexican
  • Chicano
  • Mexican American
  • Mexican